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Treatment CategoryTreatment NamePrice
Acne/Acne ScarsAcne IPL$200.00
Acne/Acne ScarsAcne Scars - VI Chemical Peel$300.00
Acne/Acne ScarsAcne Scars - Microneedling$350.00
Acne/Acne ScarsAcne Scars - Opus$800.00
Body ContouringAbdomen$300.00
Botox, Dysport, FillersBotox$11.00
Botox, Dysport, FillersDysport$3.50
Botox, Dysport, FillersJuvederm Ultra/Ultra Plus$750.00
Botox, Dysport, FillersJuvederm Volbella$750.00
Botox, Dysport, FillersJuvederm Voluma$900.00
Botox, Dysport, FillersRestylane Lyft/Refyne/Defyne$750.00
Botox, Dysport, FillersKybella$700.00
ConsultationComplimentary consultation$0.00
Face LiftFace + Neck Lift (Opus)$1,800.00
Face LiftFace Lift (Opus)$1,200.00
Face LiftPDO Threads (one)$200.00
Face LiftSkin Tightening Eyes$200.00
Face LiftSkin Tightening lower face$250.00
FacialsChemical Peel - Skin Medica$250.00
FacialsChemical Peel - VI$300.00
FacialsIPL Photo Facial$300.00
Laser Hair RemovalAbdomen$200.00
Laser Hair RemovalBikini$200.00
Laser Hair RemovalBrazilian Bikini$250.00
Laser Hair RemovalChest$200.00
Laser Hair RemovalButtocks$175.00
Laser Hair RemovalFull Arms$300.00
Laser Hair RemovalFull Back$400.00
Laser Hair RemovalFull Face$250.00
Laser Hair RemovalFull Legs$400.00
Laser Hair RemovalHalf Arm$150.00
Laser Hair RemovalHalf Face$150.00
Laser Hair RemovalNeck$150.00
Laser Hair RemovalLower legs$175.00
Laser Hair RemovalShoulders$150.00
Laser Hair RemovalUnderarms$150.00
Opus PlasmaOpus eyes$400.00
Opus PlasmaOpus face and neck$1,800.00
Opus PlasmaOpus forehead$300.00
Opus PlasmaOpus full face$1,200.00
Opus PlasmaOpus lower face$600.00
Opus PlasmaOpus neck$600.00
Opus PlasmaOpus perioral lines$400.00
Skin Rejuvenation/ResurfacingFace - IPL$300.00
Skin Rejuvenation/ResurfacingFace Lift (Opus)$1,200.00
Skin Rejuvenation/ResurfacingFace/Neck - IPL$450.00
Skin Rejuvenation/ResurfacingHyperpigmentation/Melasma (Peel)$450.00
Skin Rejuvenation/ResurfacingHyperpigmentation/Melasma IPL$300.00
Skin Rejuvenation/ResurfacingNeck - IPL$200.00
Skin Rejuvenation/ResurfacingNeck Lift (Opus)$600.00
Skin Rejuvenation/ResurfacingRosacea IPL$250.00
Skin Rejuvenation/ResurfacingSkin Pen Microneedling$350.00
Stretch MarksStretch Marks/Scars$800.00
Vitamin B12Vitamin B 12$30.00
Weight LossLipo Plus vitamin injection$150.00
Weight LossNutrition Counseling 1 Hour$150.00
Skin ProductsCyspera$160.00
Skin ProductsHA Rejuvenating Hydrator$180.00
Skin ProductsHydroquinone$100.00
Skin ProductsLytera - Pigment correcting serum$160.00
Skin ProductsNeck Correct Cream$135.00
Skin ProductsRetinol 0.5$75.00
Skin ProductsRetinol 1.0$90.00
Skin ProductsScar Recovery Jel$102.00
Skin ProductsSunscreen tinted SPF47$38.00
Skin ProductsTNS Advanced Serum$295.00
Skin ProductsTNS Eye repair$102.00


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