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Treatment of Acne with Laser

A laser Acne treatment can help you clear Acne and give you the smooth and healthy looking skin. It's best for people who have tried various other products to clear their acne but couldn't get it under control.

Treatment works well for people with mild to moderate acne issues. More severe cases may need to see a Dermatologist. We use the latest state-of-art devices like Viora, V-30 for acne control and treatment, it is suitable for all skin types.

The non-ablative laser removes pustules, papules and also triggers a rejuvenating effects where the skins natural collagen starts to reproduce and restore the facial glow. The users might need around 4-6 sessions to get it under control depending upon the severity of the acne condition.

Contact us to find more about treating acne with laser and get the glowing and healthy looking skin you deserve.

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